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Hi my name is Emilie LeFebvre, How do you pronounce that? Right? That’s why I go by my middle name, easier and it sounds kinda better! But its pronounced La’Fave if you wanted to know... About me? Well first and foremost in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ. I draw my strength in knowing He gave me the gifts I have.....


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This is where you can find all my recent work! There is so much to explore!



Photography Services 

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For Other Photographers

Need more time with your family? More time to pursue your business growth? Or simply just time to breathe?

If you're a photographer looking to outsource your editing and get your life back, you're in the right place!

Editing Services

Outsourcing is a great way to free up the precious time you don't have enough of. When you work with an editor you trust, your editing stress will be over.

Working with a Boutique/Private Editor ensures the number of people working on your photos is just one. Which is so great for communication and consistency.  

Click for more info, pricing, and a free test trial to see if we make a good team!

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