Boutique Editing Services

Looking to outsource your editing and get your life back?


Outsourcing is a great way to free up your life, you want more time with your family? More time to pursue your business? Or simply more time in your day?When you find someone you trust, you can reduce your editing stress to 0! Working with a Boutique/private editor ensures the number of people working on your photos is just 1. Which is so great for communication and consistency. Try it out with my free test edits!



$.28 an image for: Basic preset, color correction, and crop/straighten. 

$.10 an image for: Eye and teeth brighten, blemish removal/skin smoothing (Mostly only needed on close ups)


$3.00 an images for face swapping or other simple photoshop fixes.

( I only do basic photoshop, Anything that is more intense would have to be sent elsewhere )


Prices start at $50 to cull for a wedding.

Prices start at $30 to cull for a portrait or other session.


Fill out the form below and I will be in touch to get your 10 free test edits. When I return them to you, you will be able to tell me any adjustments you feel need to be made to match your style, until you feel I have an understanding of it. Once you feel comfortable with my edits we can begin working together :)

You can then place your first full order with me, I will send over a PayPal invoice while I'm working on your photos. This invoice needs to be paid before I deliver back your edits. 

My turn around time is 3-7 business days per project.  

If you are unhappy with a collection please tell me right away. Often if a new client has an issue we can quickly identify if the problem is a technical issue (monitors, etc.) Or if the issue requires me to rework the files to reach your satisfaction. I will do so happily, as long as you let me know the problem right away and how we can fix your satisfaction.

If for some reason dropbox isn't good for you, I will work with mailing the usb back and forth also!

Editing Order Form:

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