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Favorite Friday: Bride & Groom

This will be my last week of Favorite Friday's for now. Closing with Bride and Groom portraits :)

These are the sweet moments I get to spend with the happy couples alone. I tell them it's okay at this time in their lives to make me feel like a third wheel haha! These are just a handful of those favorite moments 

Favorite Friday: Wedding Party!

This week I'm starting a short series of Favorite Fridays. For the next couple of Friday's I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite images of a category from the last 2 year!

This week's category is wedding party pictures! Some of these wedding party's were filled with lots of the bride and grooms friends and it was fun to figure out how to shoot and pose a big wedding party. Some of these images are my favorite because of the memory or the moment created by the people. Though corralling a wedding party for pictures can be a hassle, I love to see the friendships that are so evident. Capturing the laughter, joy and happy tears of anwesome group of pals is the best!

Andrea & Micah 10/8/16

"I've waited 30 years for you... I'd wait 30 more just for you if I had to, but I'm glad I don't have to." - Micah

Andrea and Micah have a love story for the books! Both waited into their 30's to meet each other. Having never dated anyone else, they knew they both had met the one their hearts had been so patiently waiting for. They both have such a love and passion for the Lord and their families.

I had the privilege to be the second shooter at their wedding. Knowing Andrea before this I couldn't be happier for her. Both their families didn't know what to expect to see Andrea and Micah in relationships, but both said it felt so natural, like something that was always meant to be. They had their beautiful ceremony at "The Refuge Church" in Zimmerman and their reception in Rogers at the "Community Room".

For more of Andrea and Micah's wedding check out Kendal Leigh Studios

Laurie & Greg (Sept 24th 2016)

Laurie and Greg had signed up for christian mingle. Greg found Laurie's profile, but quickly discovered he was too old and too short and left things alone. Because Greg had viewed her profile, Laurie then saw Greg's. And also saw he was too old and too short. But God had a plan because a few days later they ran into each other at a grocery store and one date turned into more and more turned into a wedding.

Their wedding took place at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Excelsior on a lovely fall day; surrounded by many friends and family. Laurie and Greg wanted to start their marriage in prayer and gathered everyone into a great circle to pray before they were announced man and wife. Then they celebrated with their many loved ones. When Laurie was asked if she had to lower her standards after meeting Greg, she said had to raise them because Greg exceeded her expectations. 

Shout out to everyone involved in making this wedding happen!

Florist: Creative Suz, Suz Colbert

Venue: Mount Calvary Church

Cake Artist: Niece of Bride

And Thanks to all the Friends and Family that helped make the day special!