Emilie Taylor Art

My Watercolor Story

Some people know from a young age that they were born to be an artist, everything they touch turns beautiful and looks right. I was not one of those kids… 

My childhood art looked like most kids art, ugly stick people and suns in the corner of the sky with huge sun-rays (don’t tell me you don’t know what I mean! haha) I was still an artsy kid despite my bad art, but as I got older I left the art to my sisters, who had much more of a knack for drawing!

I found other creative outlets like music and later photography. Then for a season when my Niece was born I was a fill in Nanny for my sister while she was on maternity leave. The 3 year old I was nannying loved watercolor and we would paint together often. During that time painting with kids watercolor equipment I found that it was something I really loved to do. 

The next fall I went out on a whim and bought some real watercolor supplies. I decided it would be a great winter hobby when my photography season was slow. Even if it was something I wasn’t great at, it was something I wanted to do. So I just started, I soaked up youtube tutorials like crazy and actually started to see my art grow. I’ve learned overtime in  my life though I am creative, I need to understand, wrap my brain around things. So finally being taught art,  and learning techniques really helped me!

When I started working on original art, I got the idea to try selling it on Etsy. I had no idea if it was just my family telling me I was good because you know they’re family and they can do that. But when I made my first sale I was overjoyed, Someone liked my art enough to buy it!

So I kept painting and adding stuff to my shop. I had no idea my hobby was becoming a career and business of it’s own! 

Fast forward to today, February 2019, my Etsy shop has been open for two years this month and I’ve made over 200+ sales! I feel so blessed to have people love my art as much as I love painting it.

There are so many tools that teach everything under the sun like Youtube and Skillshare. If you have the time, quit telling yourself you can’t. Learn something new even if it’s just for fun!

-Emilie Taylor